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Saturday, 9 February 2013

First Q1 FAL finish!

Apologies for the fuzzy photo (my phone) and terrible light (evening) and thankfully you can't see the dreadful tartan carpet (previous house owner) - but I am so excited to have my first Q1 FAL finish that I just had to post it today:
figgy's zephyr dress sundress nani iro little letter nina village haberdashery kona braided shoulder straps
This is a sundress pattern called Zephyr by Figgy's which I got here from the Village Haberdashery, along with the fabric which is a floaty double gauze called Little Letter by Nani Iro.  The contrast yoke is Kona solid in Rose (yes nicked a smidge from my Pervalong bundle - but it went so nicely!).

My daughter is a bit of a skinny minnie so I added side ties to sort out any skinny waist problems.  I will definitely be making another one of these dresses so on my paper pattern I am going to adjust the yoke inwards a little to make it skinnier too.  The nicest parts of this pattern - curiously the parts I had been sceptical about before I started - are the braided shoulder straps and the button loop detail on the front yoke.  They really are very pretty little details.

This is the first time I have sewed with double gauze but I definitely will do again - it is easy to sew - not slippy as I had feared - and has such beautiful drape.

Also in FAL news I have completed my Dolce quilt top (also for the same daughter - she is having a lucky week) but in my haste I bundled it all up ready to send to be long arm quilted without taking a photo of it first.  Pah.  Here it is at the all-blocks-completed stage:
You will just have to believe me when I say it looks much better all sewn up. 

And on top of all this I am sewing down the binding on my Apple Crisp so - God forbid - I might get 3 of my FALs done on time?  Surely not. 

Updated to link to the Let's Get Aquainted link up at Bold Goods:

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  1. I am most impressed with your finishing, but now I think you have to post a photo of the carpet. Mmmmmmmm... tartan!

  2. 3 FALs! I have only managed one. Love your quilt top

  3. What a gorgeous dress and quilt top! Lucky little lady :)

  4. Clever you with the dressmaking. 3 FALs is really greedy and puts me to shame (hanging head). Di x

  5. You are flying with your FALs!
    The dress looks brilliant and what a wonderful model!!
    Love the look of the Dolce quilt, can't wait to see it quilted.

  6. Cute dress and adorable quilt. I love the color palette you are using!

  7. You are on a roll Gertie, love the dress!

  8. Ohh get you overacheiver!! They look great x