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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

OK so it's been a year and a bit ....

I hereby charge myself with wilful neglect of a blog.

Guilty, M'Lud.

The problem has been mainly one of time, namely trying to do a fairly full time (yet unpaid) volunteer job at the same time as childrearing a pre-schooler and a junior who gets a steady stream of bizarre homework, plus attempting to keep my household management just above the threshold where I get shamed by a TV program.

The other problem has been Instagram.

IG, home of instant gratification, clicking the little heart when something nice whizzes past the screen as I scroll through at light speed.  It is just so quick.  And colourful.  And fun!

I was considering totally abandoning my blog as I'm not sure about the future of blogging for the casual and slightly lazy crafter.  I see some people essentially make a career out of it but I can see they work very hard to maintain that.  I am never going to be sufficiently prolific at making stuff to blog about to have a proper serious blog.

However, occasionally there is something that I get sufficiently excited about that I want to blog about it.  Currently I am very excited about a new QAL that I saw on IG (obviously) but which I might try to blog about, and then you can have a sweepstake on how embarrassingly quickly I fall behind.

My Small World QAL

Ketty at VeryKerryBerry is co-hosting the "My Small World" QAL - namely this wonderfully whimsical quilt from the fantastically named Quiltmania magazine.  This pattern is from the Spring 2015 Special Edition of Quiltmania - the front cover looks like this:
Kerry has made a list of stockists in her Small World QAL post here.

I have a very poor track record for keeping up with QALs - I still haven't finished my Pervalong quilt from Autumn 2012 (oops) although I have recently made significant progress on it which I will post soon.

Anyway, apologies for the serious hiatus in this service and let's see if this QAL can kick-start my SewJo in 2015!