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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Name tag finish

At last - a finish to speak of!  And happily even though this is a name tag for the Fat Quarterly Retreat, it is not a secret because it is doubling up as a belated LMQG name tag swap too.  I received this jazzy name tag from Amanda aka MetroQuilter who is a lovely and increasingly prolific member of LMQG:

Amanda made my name tag very punctually in February because she is a good girl.  My tag-making has been delayed, partly by my own inability to carve out some sewing time to do it, and partly as a result of my notorious tendency for indecision.  I changed the concept at least 3 times before deciding that I would use the famous Paris Metropolitan lettering for the "Metro" from MetroQuilter:
paris metropolitain abbesses art nouveau metro entrance

So here is my version:
metroquilter paris metro name tag

And the back, taken from a Petite Ecole panel:
 petite ecole french general name tag

The lanyard is a bit too long - this is what comes from blindly following an online tutorial - so I think I will rectify that before I give it to Amanda:
 french general name tag lanyard

I used this beasty machine - the Crop-o-Dile II - to punch the hole fix the eyelet.  The eyelets I bought initially were too thin and flimsy for my liking so I ordered some heavier duty ones with washers which arrived today and which definitely give a better finish than the rubbishy ones.
crop-o-dile II eyelet punch name tag

Now I have to get started on my Sample Swap items for the Fat Quarterly Retreat - luckily for me, Amanda was kind enough to wait patiently for her tag, but the Sample Swap has a  time and a place so they will just have to be ready on time!  I will be making Mug Rugs, so I need to decide on a design sharpish and get sewing.


  1. That is flipping AMAZING!!! What a brilliant idea!
    Now I'm even more scared of making my name tag for my partner!
    And what a gadget! I love it's name!

  2. It's really lovely Gertie and definitely worth waiting for!

  3. that is the best flipping thing I have EVER seen! EVER!

  4. The tag was well worth the wait. It is flipping fantastic. Di x

  5. That is so very very cool - LOVE it!!

  6. that's ACE! You are so clever!

  7. I'm overwhelmed with how amazing this is. I'm going to have the best name tag ever at fat quarterly retreat. I may have been prompt but I struggled with this challenge, you however have set the bar for name tags. I'm so lucky. Better stop now and have a little lie down.

  8. sooooo gorgeous, what a very clever idea and so beautifully done! x

  9. Love this and such a great idea! /can't wait to see your mug rugs :)

  10. This is amazing, very apt! Can I be a pain and ask how big it is please? Planning mine for the FQR swap and haven't a clue!

  11. And, thank you, I was the lucky recipient of one of these gorgeous mug rugs!
    Photos will be taken, I promise!

    It is quite dainty, and pretty and gorgeous!
    so good to get to meet you at the retreat!