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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Pictureless FQR

Just a very quick post to confirm that I am still alive (apologies for recent blogging hiatus) and to say thank you to the many lovely folks I chatted with at FQR (more chatting than sewing if I'm honest) and who made a good weekend into a great weekend.

Unfortunately my desktop exploded (literally) when I got back from FQR which means I am tapping this out one-fingered on the iPad. I don't know how to get photos onto the iPad so this will be a pictureless post.

Anyway, back to FQR! So glad to catch up with Helen & Moira again and to meet Di & Liz for the first time - thanks to you all for some lovely lovely chats. It was also so nice to catch up with many of my Bee members - some for the the first time (Kate, Mary, Carol) - and see the 2 Siblings Together bee quilts in the flesh.

Inspired, on Monday as soon as the kids were dropped off I knuckled down with my offcut Bee blocks (more of which later) and Portholes from FQR, and whipped together the majority of an Improv quilt destined for next year's Siblings Together. Hoping to finish this next week although we are now in school holidays so my sewing time reduces from 'not much' to 'almost nil'.

Also a big thank you to Rachel Pinheiro who kindly refitted my Amelia dress bodice onto me so that I can move onto the next stage. Without her help I think this might have been consigned to the scrap pile so I am extremely grateful. When my computer is up & running I will do a whole blog post on this.

Another thing that will get its own blog post is the sample swap - I got some gorgeous goodies from Nicky, Rachel and Anna and I hope they weren't too underwhelmed by my mug rugs. I am such a donkey that I didn't even take a photo of the mug rugs I made before I swapped them. Rachel has sent me a photo of one so once my computer is back to life I will have a picture to post.

Anyway, I shall sign off here - too many words and not enough pictures! And why won't my iPad do paragraphs? Trying again....

Edited to add some links and some much-needed paragraph breaks!


  1. Too funny - glad to hear you had a great time :D

  2. Oh dear Gertie, hope your technology is sorted out soon. Sounds like you have lots of great posts in the offing!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful time and hope you get your computer sorted soon, they can be such a pain when they go wrong, can't they?
    R x

  4. It was so lovely to meet you Gertie, at last! Wasn't it just the best weekend, made even better by all the fab ladies who attended. I hope your computer gets fixed soon and I hope you manage to get some sewing done this holiday, I'm in the same boat!!

  5. It was brilliant to meet you.
    You are nothing like the *Gertie* I imagined :0) - far far more lovely in real life.
    Hope you will still join in with discussions in the Bee and come back for more stitchy fun soon.

  6. Sounds like technology is conspiring against you there! Was lovely to see you x

  7. Lol i know about blogging and i- pad myself, but i found the Blogger-app. Think, that shoul help, if you made the pics with your i-pad itself. London was great :)

  8. Sorry you are having picture problems, get that 'puter up and running again soon!
    The Gorgeous mug rug has been admired by my daughter, who I then made to look at your account of FMQ-ing, she now says 'I hate her!' meaning, of course, she is as jealous as I am, of your amazing skill!Loving it!

  9. Yaaay! it was great to see you too!!!