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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Is this some kind of joke? Baby lurghy #3

Okay ... having gotten over grumpy teething baby, then grumpy snotty baby, we now have grumpy "hand, foot & mouth" baby.  Er what?

Happily this is not the same foot & mouth that crops up on farms, but rather a mild but annoying illness circulating the nursery at the moment (coincidentally, at the same time as chickenpox - and at this rate I expect we will get that too in due course). 
(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

It causes a mild temperature, a rash (as the name suggests) on the hands & feet and around the mouth, and sores inside the mouth which can make feeding a bit uncomfortable.  Grumpy toddler ahoy (although happily not overly ill so far - just a bit spotty).

Somehow I have got some sewing done since my last post - I have finished the next ring on my EPP so now I just have to square off the corners before making it into a cushion:

In other news, Superdesigner Tula Pink is coming to town!  How exciting is that?!  I can't make it to the Festival of Quilts this year but happily Tula is coming along to London for a meet & greet with the LMQG.  Hooray!

G xxx


  1. bloody hell. It never rains but it pours!

  2. Oh no Gertie! On the up side, your epp looks great!