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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Belated thank you

Now that toddler teething, temperatures and general snot are more or less under control, hopefully I can start sewing again.  And also doing things that I have been meaning to do for some time, like saying thank you for lovely things.

A couple of weeks ago I received an unscheduled, slightly lumpy package.  I love packages!  Who doesn't?  In fact I love them so much that usually I have to order fabric to get them (well that's my excuse anyway).

Upon opening said package, look what loveliness was inside:

A lovely selection of goodies from Fiona at Poppy Makes!  Thank you so much Fiona!

Fiona had previously sent out a shout out for American Jane fabric for her burgeoning hexagons quilt:

And as luck would have it, Snippets was the first ever line of designer fabric that I had bought.  I made a little 4-patch cot quilt for my friend's baby....

...then got waylaid and started making other things.  I had always meant to go back and make a larger quilt (maybe "Jitterbug" which is the quilt on the front cover of this Pam & Nicky Lintott Layer Cake & Jelly Roll book), but it kept getting moved further down and down my list.  Deep down I suspected that I would never get around to making this quilt and that the poor Snippets would just sit in my cupboard forever.  I liked the thought that Fiona might get around to making something out of it that had a chance of being finished this century.

Fiona was very happy with her Snippets and decided to send some things back - she is either psychic or has excellent taste as I love all of the things she kindly chose to send to me.  I was especially surprised to see a little someone who, not a few days earlier, I had seen trumpeting on the Village Haberdashery website:
Yes, the lovely Nellie in the middle with the big star on its bottom is now my pincushion!  Hee hee!

I am also v excited to have Single Girl pattern as I have been coveting it since the beginning of time. I'm sure someone brought a very lovely one to the Fat Quarterly Retreat.  It looks great for using up colourful scraps.  And maybe that lovely Half Moon Modern charm pack, yum yum.

So, thank you so, so much Fiona, and sorry it has taken so long to get around to blogging this!


  1. Very cool parcel! Maybe we can attempt the Single girl pattern together as I have plans to make it sometime this year x

  2. oooh, you lucky thing! Isn't blogland fab?

  3. So glad the snot is under control and that nice things are happening (nice things happen to nice people you know!!)

  4. Ah nice things always rebound! Glad the snot is clearing! DI x