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Thursday, 26 July 2012

I was blind, but now I see

I have always been a prints girl.  Whenever a new collection comes out, I look for my favourite print.  I love dots, checks, little flowers, swirls, paisley.  Prints, prints, prints.

When I see "solids" on a fabric website, I think background.  99% of the time I think cream or white.  To go with my prints. Prints, prints.

The first time I saw solids in a different light was when I saw this quilt by Judith:

In the flesh it is totally amazing.  It is called Comet and the back shows the comet "exploding".  It is quilted with 2 different variegated threads.  Perhaps that's why I like it so much, I thought.

Then earlier this week I chanced upon THIS:

Totally solids, totally groovy.  I LOVE THIS QUILT!  I am such a child of the 70s.

Pile O' Fabric

Alyssa at Pile O'Fabric is hosting a Totally Groovy Quilt Along of this amazing Groove quilt.  I so want to join in - I have printed off all of the Kona solids from the Village Haberdashery website and have pulled out 2 sets of 5 that I think would make an amazing quilt.  If I could get hold of a Kona colour card I think I would be a bit less nervous about which colours to choose.

I am teetering on the edge of joining this fabulous quilt-a-long - the only thing stopping me being my duty to not buy any more fabric and instead chop into my stash (which, obviously, is all prints!).  I am not even scared of the curved piecing!

Help me decide!  Argh!
Gertie xxx


  1. Sounds like you have got to do it to me ;0)
    After all, just think what a bargain solid fabric is.
    Why, and, of course there is always the chance that your quilt might need a fabulous *prints* pieced back - so its almost a stash reducing exercise in itself ;0)

  2. dooooo iiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What they ^ said!! ;-) I have a colour card I can bring to the next meet if its not too late?