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Monday, 9 July 2012

Bee Block July

After the FQ Retreat, I have to admit I felt a little bereft when it was all over.  It was similar to the feeling I had as a child being taken home after a birthday party.  I wanted the fun to carry on for a while, even though I knew I had to go back to reality and we would all have to wait until next year.

Jersey Sue confessed that she had "Bee Envy" after the Retreat, and I knew exactly what she meant.  We had seen the charismatic Brit Bee group all together in person for the first time, holding up Terri's Project 51 quilt:

It is just the most wonderful creation.  I wish photographs could always do justice to the wonder of needlecraft but unfortunately they can't.  Even my close up doesn't show how vibrant this quilt looks in the flesh:

The back was funky too!

Sue put feelers out asking if anyone would be interested in starting a new Bee group, with a view to meeting up again next year.  So many of us jumped at the chance that we have 2 separate groups within our Bee - the Bumble Bees and the Honey Bees.

I am in the Bumble Bee group, and our first Queen Bee is the lovely Kelly of Jeliquilts.  Yes, she with the Melody Miller viewfinders bag that I wish to steal:

For July, Kelly has asked us all to make a huuuuuuge 19" block with random circles appliqued on it.  Now even though I have read a zillion online tutorials about how to do machine applique, I have always been too chicken to try it.  Until now, that is - here is the block I made this morning in Kelly's lovely rainbow colours:

In fact one of the main reasons I chose to join a Bee is to get me out of my little comfort zone and to try new things.  I thought this would take me hours and hours and be littered with mistakes, but in fact it is a really straightforward technique (thank you Mr Bondaweb) and I really enjoyed it.

Gertie xxx


  1. Nice block Gertie. I hope that you enjoy your bee adventure. Di x

  2. Your block looks really great! I love the colors and it looks perfectly sewn. :)

  3. It was fun to make wasn't it?

  4. Wow - that quilt is amazing! I'm a fan of Kelly's as well (actually I also mentioned her in a post today!) Your block looks great.