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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Progress mid-July

Not much going on in the Pye household this week aside from waiting for the Summer Holidays to begin.  I am keeping everything crossed that this 3 and a half months of rain might finally be coming to an end just in time for the school holidays.  That would make things much easier!

Stitchy progress has been slow but not entirely static.  I haven't done any Apple Crisp or Dolce Jelly Roll quilt, but I have been plugging away at the Union Jack pillow.  It is now all quilted on the top, and the backs are cut & lined and waiting for binding strips to be attached before I sew them onto the back of the pillow:

I really must sort the lighting in my photos.  The quilting is probably clearest on the green but basically in all of the coloured areas I have straight line quilted according to the fabric pattern.  The border is only lightly quilted on the main red and green horizontal and vertical lines.

Also I have been building up the hexagons but I am not loving it so I am tempted to turn this into a cushion:

I should then have enough hexagons to make another cushion to keep it company, and perhaps a Christmas stocking as I have Camille's "Merry" pattern - see the hexagon stocking in the foreground:

Off to do a bit of hand stitching on the baby's Bucilla felt applique stocking now - here's the kit from the Colray Crafts website:
I have modified it slightly because on the kit, the name is on the reverse of the big candy cane in the corner.  However, on daughter #1's stocking, the name runs across the top cuff of the stocking and so I don't want daughter #2 lamenting that her name is hidden whilst her big sister's is emblazoned for everyone to see.  So I have converted the top into a red / green / very thin white strip and cut out a strip of white with the name on in the centre.

Although Christmas seems a long way away, I only actually have just over 4 full months until the beginning of Advent so I can't afford to slack on this one, especially if I keep getting waylaid by hexagons.

Gertie xxx


  1. You have been busy. Still love your UJ. Di x

  2. Love your Union Jack pillow and I'm absolutely in love with the hexagons! And with the Christmas quilting... you can never start early enough! :)

  3. Love the quilting on your UJ - I am balking at the Christmas stuff though, its too early ;-)

  4. That Union Jack is fantastic!! I love your quilting.
    I really want to start some EPP hexagons for a portable project over the summer but can't decide on a fabric!!
    Have you seen the Vintage holiday quilt along of Camille's pattern over on Fabric mutts blog?