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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Finish-a-long Q3

I was very happy to stumble upon the Q3 Finish-a-Long over at Rhonda Quilter in the Gap because there's nothing like a little peer pressure to gee you along with those pesky WIPs that just won't do themselves.

2012 Finish-A-Long

I am only going to put down those projects which I think are achievable, and the first in particular is one that I have sort of fallen out of love with, but I was in love with once, so surely I can be in love with again if I can just get it finished.  Okay, here goes:

(1) Rouenneries - Apple Crisp

This picture was taken when I had done 18 of the 63 blocks.  I have now done 60, so I am on the home straight.  All borders etc are cut, so I expect the only tricky bit will be deciding the layout as this is quite a big quilt and I don't have a design wall, unless you count the spare bed.  This old friend has been rumbling along since January 2010, so I really need to knock it on the head.

(2) Union Jack paper piecing

Since this photo, I have machine quilted all of the central red area and all but 2 of the green triangles.  I then want to quilt the border a little, then get it made up into a pillow.

(3) Dolce Jelly Filled
This is a jelly roll pattern for my daughter's bed which I have chopped from Dolce by Tanya Whelan, so it is all ready to go.  I think I might try to involve her with making it too.  Once this one is done I am going to do an identical one for Siblings Together.

Other WIP
These are things that I am going to continue working on, but which I am not putting on the list as I know I won't be able to get them to completion by the end of Q3:

(1) Hexagons - just going to keep plugging away at these whilst deciding final layout
(2) Bucilla felt applique stocking - for daughter #2 - before she notices her sister has one and she doesn't
(3) Bee blocks - I am quietly impressed that I managed to turn July's block around in a single sitting and so am feeling a bit less apprehensive about blocks from future months sidelining my other projects

Gertie xxx


  1. Really looking forward to seeing all your WIPs come to fruition, especially your Apple Crisp. Its going to be gorgeous once its finished.
    And errr if you don't love it once its done, I am happy to volunteer to give it some love in your stead ;0)

  2. Your list is doable. It will be good to see these WIP turn into beautiful finished items. Di x

  3. Go Gertie! They all lokk great but I particularly love the Rouenneries one! It's going to be amazing when it's done!

  4. Oh I do love the Rouenneries - Apple Crisp! Can't wait to see it all completed.