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Friday, 13 July 2012

Hexagon trauma

I have been steadily making hexagons in the evenings over the last month ... I am up to about 150 now.  I had not made them before and was quietly impressed with how quick it is to get a little pile going:

I then printed out some hexagon paper as suggested by Bonnie at Quiltville, whose epic hexagon medallion quilt is the inspiration for my hexy layout:

I really like the effect that Bonnie gets from using just 3 colours, as I have only 3 colours too.
So, today I did my first hexy rosette, which will form the very centre of the quilt:

Now I like this very much.  But goodness me it took a very long time.  I am trying to make my stitches nice and small so that you can't see them but it just seemed to take an age.  Maybe I have been spoilt by the super-zippy hexy basting stage.  I was hoping to do a quilt as big as Bonnie's extended epic but now I think I might just do the central hexagon:

Maybe I'll just see how it goes.

Gertie xxx


  1. And that is the crux of EEP. It takes ages! Di x

  2. Yep - when I did my first hexagon project, I got some warnings that it all goes nice and fast until you start sewing them together. Good luck!

  3. but think of the sense of achievement you will get from sewing something completely by hand!

  4. But also look at how long Bonnie took to do hers, its all about the time it takes. Just something you pick up now and again or take away as it is so portable. Don't stress about it.

  5. Apart from EPP being very slow it's also hard on the fingers. I haven't managed to sew using a thimble so had to resort to New Skin. Good luck and I hope you are pleased with the end result - mine might end up as a UFO at the end of the cricket season, to reappear next year.

  6. Thank you Sue, I am plugging away - added 3 more hexagons tonight so I am only 4 away from finishing the ring with 18 units. I think I will add some corners and make it into a pillow then. Apologies that I could not reply to your email but it says you are a "no reply blogger" (so was I until someone pointed it out to me) so I will reply here instead! Would love to see your finished EPP x