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Monday, 15 October 2012

Making a rod for my own back

One of the things that has been on my list forever is to make a Christmas stocking out of some leftover Flurry fabric that I have.  I bought the pdf of this Merry pattern many moons ago from Camille's shop:
Earlier this year I dutifully cut out the stocking shape on tracing paper, then balanced it on my knicker drawer for a few months before deciding that really that wasn't the best use for it.

Because of the Q3 Finish-a-Long, I have motored through quite a few of my older projects, and I felt this one was glaring at me for not having even started it.  So, in my quest for efficiency, I thought - if I am going to make one stocking, why don't I make more?  Why don't I make 2?  Or 4? 
Or .... 8?

Then I thought ... maybe I could make some little stockings!  So after a disastrous prototype, I made a few of these tree decorations:
... and even found a possible use for this dreadful fabric I inherited:

Wow! I thought.  I could open a shop.  Maybe I could sell these at the school Christmas fair.  Yes, I will!  I will book a table now!  They might all get booked up if I dilly dally.  No time like the present!
So now I have made myself the ultimate rod for my own back.  I am going to have to make as many fairly simple crafty whatnots as possible so as to not have an embarrassingly empty table whilst also not ruining my life via Christmas stocking overload.  My housework status will inevitably decline from mild chaos to total calamity.

What have I done?!

G x
Disclaimer: only after uploading the photos did I realise that there was a big fuzzy smudge in the middle of each.  It seems the baby may have been manhandling the camera.  I have now cleaned the lens so hopefully all future photos will be smudge-free.


  1. Well you know what they say "if you want something done ask a busy woman" and you are definitely going to be a busy woman!

  2. In my, admittedly fairly limited experience, its much better to go for lots of small, relatively inexpensive items, so little coin purses, fabric corsages, lavender bags, that sort of thing. The stockings look fab so I'm sure you could sell those too. Good luck! R x

  3. I made that mistake once. It worked out alright in the end, but I didn't sleep for a month beforehand ;-)

  4. Well, I think that is going to keep you busy! Love the little stockings

  5. Oh you muppet! All that extra pressure! Ah well, you've done it now so you might as well try and enjoy it...

  6. You only had to make a couple! Well you will now have to go into overdrive!!!!! Foot down and keep sewing! Good luck. Di x

  7. good for you Lisa. #braverthanme

  8. The right thing. You have done the right thing! Who wants to do housework when you can craft instead? Plus total calamity sounds like more fun than mild chaos. Picture me as the little sewing conscious telling you the right thing to do - like Jiminey Cricket.
    Happy sewing!

  9. The stockings look great! What about some tags made from christmassy fabric fused to felt maybe in bauble or star shapes. They could be used as gift tags or tree decorations and would be relatively simple to make. Look forward to hearing how it goes.
    Found you thru Plum and June link up.
    P.S. Didn't notice the smudge due to looking at my own little person smudged ipad screen!

  10. Oh Gertie you make me laugh - I love the mention of your knicker drawer and then I just had to go back and check out the camera smudge that I hadn't even noticed till you said. Rod for your own back? - you so remind me of me!!!

  11. They're lovely and they will go like hot cakes!!

  12. They're really lovely - and what a good idea. I've decided to do the craft fair at our local garden centre next Christmas, to give me time to build up some stock. I have a list of simple projects I put together if you'd like a copy!