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Monday, 22 October 2012

The rod is still here

Gah.  Should I or shouldn't I?  Will it be a roaring success to validate my craftiness or will it be a miserable afternoon where nobody buys anything?  So far I have noted a clear inverse correlation between how long I spend making these Christmas Fair whatnots and my mood:

However, after a bit of advice from the wise woman Charlotte, I think I am going to stick at this and give it a pop.  Otherwise I will never know and it will rattle around as a "what if" forever.  Although listen to yourself, Gertie.  This is about an afternoon selling Christmas decorations, not a move to Patagonia or a decision to change gender.  Perhaps I should stop worrying so much.

Anyhow, here's what I have made since my last post / grumble:

.... some more mini-stockings - I have about 20 in total now:

 ....some scented sachets - but not lavender as it reminds me of my dead grandmother.  Instead I bought some scented beads from eBay, although they are not as potent as I expected.  I put a load in each sachet to compensate but even then the scent is not that obvious.  But they are supposed to be Jasmine, Green Apple, and Dewberry:

...not sure why these photos are coming out sideways, but hey.  FQR veterans may recognise the Robert Kaufman London fabric as the freebie FQs in our goodie bags.  I am making big stockings out of the dark blue and the light blue too - they are quilted but not made up yet.

Next I am going to sew some more tree decorations - I think perhaps some mini trees and some baubles.  There are also another 6 large stockings in progress, and I really enjoyed quilting 3 of them this morning, so perhaps variety is key to keeping this project fun.

I have also started work on my LMQG Christmas decoration (or ornament if you are Canadian) swap.  I think this was another thing that I felt was hanging over me, but now I have made a start I am feeling much happier about it.  There isn't much to show yet but I will make sure I take a photo when it is looking half decent.

G x


  1. Good woman, you are doing a marvelous job in the Christmas stall department. Di x

  2. Gertie, I'm giggling reading your post which is a welcome relief to my evening. Go girl, keep making your wares and I can't wait to hear more of how you go on :)

  3. You should definitely go for it with the fair. Using up your stash and earning more fabric money, it is win-win!

  4. Keep crafting for that fair, everything looks great. You do have me in stitches with your posts ;-)

  5. Those mini stockings are adorable I'm sure they'll be a big hit. I also need to start my decoration swap...not sure what I'm doing though!

  6. what you have made so far looks fab. What else are you planning. How about those drawstring bags that Jeni @ InColorOrder has a tutorial for. You could market them as reusable gift bags?

  7. Those stockings look wonderful - I'm off to browse that pattern now :-)

  8. Keep going: you have already made lovely things to why not make some more!

  9. You go Gertie! You need to go just to say you've done it! I must say i got a good laugh from your post. How long have you got til the fair? I like Moira's idea about the drawstring bags too. And have you thought about santa sacks? Not too much sewing required but maybe christmassy appliques on the front? Gill

  10. Hope you don't end up as grumpy as that Santa there!

  11. The sachets are great. I have been thinking about making some. The beads aren't very scenty you say? Can't wait to see some mini trees.