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Friday, 17 January 2014

FAL 2014 Q1

Now really, after a 4 month break from blogging, surely what I need is a Start-a-Long rather than a Finish-a-Long?  Either way what I need is a good kick up the bottom.

Finish Along 2014

The last few months I have done precious little sewing although I did do two fantastic patterncutting modules at Fashion Antidote near Brick Lane.  The course was right at the upper edge of my ability so I feel like I learned more in those few hours than I have learned in weeks of faffing around with patterns myself.

However the focus was on getting the basic blocks drawn up and then using small scale models to show how to manipulate them in theory, so I have a huge pile of scribbles rather than any finished garments.  Which leads neatly into the first item on my FAL:

(1) Finish personal dress pattern and make up in calico

Doing this course (including homework!), coupled with knocking together 2 costumes for my elder daughter's school dressing-up day exploits, has meant that I did practically no quilty stitching whatsoever in Q4 2013 *sigh*.

But every cloud has a silver lining.  This hiaitus has highlighted to me what I really want to be doing and I have been itching to come up with a low volume / monochrome quilt of my own. So yesterday I broke my fabric-buying moratorium and bought a whole bunch of fabrics that I hope will be the start of something special.  I would love to remember 2014 for being the start of something creative so I am putting this on the list to make sure it gets some attention:

(2) Low volume / monochrome quilt

Hm, a distinct lack of pretty pictures so far.  I will post a photo of the new fabrics I have bought as soon as they arrive (obviously after I have finished doing a happy dance around my living room).  In the meantime I had better consult my back catalogue for some of the millstones that are hanging about my quilty neck:

(3) Siblings Together improv quilt

This is a proper FAL as the top is pieced and ready to go.  It will be my first full size quilt that I plan to home quilt rather than send off to the longarmer.  Argh!

(4) Pervalong

I love the colours in this PP so much that every time I see it waiting for me it makes me smile.  I am about halfway through the blocks so I just need to knuckle down and get the rest of them finished.  This is going on the FAL list even though I know I have a cat in hell's chance of finishing it because I plan to hand quilt it.

Thanks to Katy for hosting this year's FAL and also for posting a deadline reminder so that Last Minute Charlies like me can join in.

Happy New Year one and all x


  1. The pattern cutting course sounds very daunting Gertie, sounds like you really enjoyed it though! I shall look forward to seeing the results.

    Nice to have you back too :)

  2. Oh I have the same follow up issues following a pattern drafting class I did, erm, 18 months ago *ahem* Good luck with your list!

  3. It doesn't sound like you've been slacking! Love the colours of your perv quilt :D

  4. I'm well jeal' of you taking that course and have been considering a week long summer school at the local university (it would be in place of FQR'14). Love the sound of your LV quilt

  5. I want to see that perv finished, missy!

  6. Hello, lovely to have you back!! It sounds like you had a ball at the dress making classes, looking forward to seeing what you come up with! And wow I just love that ST quilt - so much work in it, it's wonderful. Keep up the good work :-))

  7. Oh you brave soul! I want to join in the FAL, but I know my limits too well! Good luck!

  8. Welcome back! You're doing way better than me re the FAL, I haven't even bothered to enter the last couple of quarters as there's so little stitching going on here! Your Siblings Together quilt is looking gorgeous! Rx

  9. So glad you're back Gertie, I look forward to many more giggles in your posts :D