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Friday, 16 November 2012

Other people's work

I can't take any of the credit for any of the work in today's post as they have all been done by other people!  But they are also all pretty so I thought I would share.

First, look what loveliness Mr Postman brought for my eldest daughter:
...expertly knitted by my mum.  I first saw this tunic dress on this blog post by Sandra Cherry Heart and in my typical impulsive way immediately went online and bought all the supplies.  I'm glad I did because (thanks to my mum) it is fabulous.

The pattern is Rye from Beresford Beach, a children's knitting pattern collection by Louisa Harding.  I bought the book and the yarn (SMC Pertinio) from Laughing Hens.  It is difficult to tell from the picture but the yarn has a very fine metallic thread going through it, so that when the light catches it shimmers ever so slightly. 

Next on the list ... a bit of long overdue Christmas shopping.  Look what I found in John Lewis!
It's only a notebook in Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt!  This is going to be a stocking filler.  In MY stocking.  Hands off, family and friends!

Hmmmm I have just spotted that Flea Market Fancy is on sale here at the Village Haberdashery ... hello credit card, I may be needing you.

The third and final thing that I can take no credit for whatsoever is this:

Hopefully this will be winging its way to me from Spoonflower in the next couple of weeks.  I noticed a few people have been ordering recently because of the "Free Shipping Anywhere In The World" offer they had on.  Good offer!  I just hope I don't get stung on the customs duty.

The pattern is called Vacuum Tube Retro.  Unsurprisingly, this is because the design is based on vacuum tubes, which in th'olden days looked a bit like this:
Thank you Wikipedia for the photo.  Massive old computers used to have hundreds of these but they weren't known for their reliability and so computing moved onto transistors and then microchips.  But they look good!  I am a sucker for dusty purples and pinks so this fabric is  right up my street.

I have ordered a yard of this in the heavy cotton twill with the intention of making a bag out of it.  I have so many intended bags now, I am in danger of turning into Christine, who calls her prolific bag-making "like a disease".  But at least Christine actually makes her bags instead of just thinking about it.  If I still haven't physically made a bag by 31 December 2012 I shall be giving myself a stern talking to.

Yay!  A whole post where I didn't mention the Christmas Fair.  Until now.  ARGH!


  1. Christmas fair? What Christmas fair? That notebook is definitely for sewists' (me?) Christmas stocking!!!!! Di x

  2. Congratulations to your mum for turning that dress around so quickly!

    Your fabric from Spoonflower will make a great bag, shall look forward to seeing it in the not-too distant future :)

  3. That dress looks gorgeous!
    I can't wait to see the bag in that fabric! I keep saying I'm going to make myself a bag, but am just to chicken to pick out fabrics and stick with them, let alone actually get on and make it! I've got the pattern for the 2-4-1 tote and the sidekick tote but not done anything with them!!

  4. Love the dress, love the book, love the fabric, that's pretty good going really. Look forward to seeing what bag you decide to make :)

  5. Well done Mum, smashing dress, and your daughter will feel wonderful in it.

    Merci for the Spoonflower info...I'm off there now!