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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mojo sighted

I'm not sure if my Mojo is completely back, but there is a glimmer of hope.

Today I did my shift at school and then came home and just sewed like the clappers for the Christmas Fair:

I whipped up this 14" cushion in under 2 hours - it is made with part of a panel from La Petite Ecole and trimmed with mini pom poms from The Village Haberdashery.  A big thank you to Angela at Fussy Cut for this excellent tutorial of how to attach pom pom trim to a cushion.

Then I moved onto more mini stockings, because if I am going to do this Christmas Fair, I might as well have things to sell: now I have 36 mini stockings, which I will be hanging on a 3 foot artificial tree that I got from Tesco.  The tree cost £2.44.  How on earth do they make stuff for nothing?!

Anyway, when I set off on the school run I was feeling invincible.  Raaaaaaaah!  Wonder Woman! 
 Me on the school run this afternoon

But somehow, like a tyre with a slow puncture, over the past 6 hours my Mojo has quietly slinked away and I am feeling deflated again. 
 Wonder Woman's Mojo after she has looked after my kids for 6 hours

I think it is partly because I need to finish my Christmas Decoration for the LMQG Ornament Swap on Sunday, but right now I am all Christmas deco'd out.  Come on, Wonder Woman - one last push!

Sneak peek (and partly because she doesn't have any legs yet)

G x


  1. Go Wonder Woman!!!! Love that cushion xx

  2. Even Wonder Woman needs a break now and then!

  3. I'm laughing at your visual aids ;-)

  4. Gertie you do look good on the school run! You must be WW if you can do a cushion in 2hrs!

  5. It'll be back..meanwhile, relax a bit and enjoy the run up to Christmas.

    F x

  6. Gertie, again you have brightened my day, it's so good to hear that someone else has these ups and downs in a day! I'm still in a bit of disbelief after reading your post though as I've just bought that alphabet fabric to make cushions just like yours!!! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your photo and now you've set me quite a challenge - 2 hours?!?!?! Hope you're busy mojoing again today :)

  7. You can do it - just take a deep breathe, and......