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Saturday, 1 December 2012

I love a deadline, me

Yes there's nothing quite like a deadline to scare you into finishing something:
This is a Christmas Angel (looking a bit casual, admittedly - maybe it's her day off) for the LMQG 2012 ornament swap.  Maybe I should give her some wings.  However given that it is quarter to midnight the day before the swap, perhaps it's a bit late for that. 

I am looking forward to the LMQG meeting tomorrow but I always feel terribly guilty for leaving my young family behind for the day.  Although the meeting itself is only 2 hours, once you add on the travel time it is more like 5 hours.  I know shouldn't feel guilty because I have the little anklebiters all day every day, but I know how tiring they can be and I feel sorry for my husband who is not as used to having them for prolonged periods.  I never used to understand my mother's permanent state of feeling guilty but now I do.

G x


  1. Don't feel guilty and enjoy that time for yourself.

    You'll be well missed and appreciated when you get home again.

    Have some fun,

    Fiona x

  2. motherhood is defined by guilt. It sucks.

  3. Guilty? No, don't feel that. Enjoy your day out and come back refreshed and happy. Then all the family benefit! Your casual angel is fab. Di x

  4. Enjoy you day out, your so lucky to spend time with people who get fabric and quilts!! It's so good to have some time out and let the menfolk see what we do daily..... even if we do spend the whole of it wondering what going on at home!!

  5. my other half has just taken the wee man out for the afternoon to give me some sewing time. I've just eaten some chocolate. feel a wee bit guilty but bring it on! I agree with Joanne - sometimes it's good for the menfolk to have a taste of what we do. Enjoy your day (love your angel)

  6. I will definitely join you guys at the LMQG one of these days. That is when I can overcome the guilt ;0)
    Hope you had fun.

  7. I feel no guilt ;-) Love the Ornament x

  8. No need for guilt, you will both appreciate each other all the more and that can't be a bad thing now can it?

    Sweet angel too.