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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Post Apocalyptic Catch-up

Apologies for the protracted silence from this blog - it hasn't been intentional.  The madness that is Christmas and New Year and the merry-go-round of travelling up and down the country to visit one set of relatives and then tolerating a different bunch of them down here has been more or less non-stop.  We have had a lovely 2 day hiaitus with just the kids which will come to an abrupt end tomorrow when my immediate family descends for a further 3 days. Although I love my family they do annoy the heck out of me.  My parents in particular bring decades-old family politics with them that I frankly can't be a*sed with.

My family.  NOT.

I should update you on the Christmas Fair, which was 3 weeks ago but somehow seems like a thousand years ago.  It is one of those odd things that I am glad that I did, to get it out of my system, but that I won't be doing again.  Here is my little stall:
I am grateful to all of the people who advised me to make lots of little things as parents are only willing to spend so much at school fairs.  This was entirely true as I sold lots of mini stockings, quite a few trees and sachets, and surprisingly quite a lot of hairbands (once one Y3 girl bought one and wore it, others came looking for where she had bought it).

I sold none of my big stuff but happily I had already earmarked it all for my lucky relatives and godchildren etc so I don't have a big pile of stuff left - everything has gone to a new home.  The remaining mini stockings and trees are on my Christmas tree right now.

The thing that I learned most was that whilst I enjoy sewing for its own sake, what I really enjoy is creating whatever it is that I feel like creating at that moment in time.  Doing the prep for this Fair turned it into a job instead of a hobby.  That's why I won't be doing another Fair!

As soon as the Fair was over, I started thinking about what *I* would really love to work on, and by coincidence (ahem) look what came in the post:
Spoonflower fabric yum yum yum .... I think I may make a Slouch bag out of this....

Echino purple Wish fabric ... this is going to be a bag too ... maybe a Nikki tote ...

Fun Matryoshka fabric ... only a FQ of this but I thought it would make a fun journal cover?

Ashland dress pattern from Sew Liberated ... I think I may shorten it to a tunic but this is exactly the style of top I like to wear.  And it's about time I did a bit of dressmaking.

Of course I haven't got started on any of this because of flippin' Christmas!  But at least the world didn't end.  So hopefully I will have time in 2013 (once my relatives b*gger off).

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  1. ahhh, the blessing of family! (cough) I have that Ashland pattern - I was sold on it when I saw it had different cup sizes. I really should get off my backside and give it a go!

  2. I am definitely with you on the sewing what you fancy. I lost the will to carry on after just sewing 6 of the same pouches as party bags.

    Love that spoonflower fabric.

  3. Congrats on surviving the fair and selling stuff. I'm not even going to touch the family comments!

  4. I may have snorted a couple of times reading this post, I am with you on the family thing!
    Here is to a 2013 of sewing whatever you bloddy well feel like ;-)

  5. my inlaws are pushing for me to get a table at a local craft fair but I'm with you. Families are a blessing - repeat this mantra every time someone says something outrageous and then have a swig of wine (straight from the bottle if needs be!)

  6. I completely agree with your sentiments. I like to sew what I want when I want, not coz I have to. Then it just becomes another chore. Now, if only I could make money from this mindset ...

  7. Ah family and fish…they go off after 3 days. My family visited and I was pleased to wave goodbye after 2 days, as much as I love them! It is when you are all together that you realise your 'new' family is 'family'. I am looking forward to the New Year and getting back into the sewing groove. Di x

  8. Sounds spookily familiar! Hope all calms down soon!

  9. Happy New Year! Hope the family thing wasn't too stressful - glad the craft fair went well- I know exactly what you mean about losing the pleasure of crafting and it becoming 'work'. It's a difficult balancing act!