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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Marmalade, anyone?

Consider a jar of marmalade.  Like this one:
A nice posh brand might set you back by a princely £3. 

Now imagine that you decide to make your own marmalade*.  Wait!  Let me stop you before you think too hard.

You might end up with a pot like this after a couple of days:
This pot is 36 hours into its marmalade evolution, with at least another 24 hours to go before it can even think about going into jam jars.  So far it has required the gas hob on full blast for a great number of hours.  Possibly more than 3 quid's worth.

Oh, and did I mention - my entire house now smells of Lemsip.

Conclusion: buy the damn stuff from the shop.

G x

* This should really read "Now imagine that your ridiculous husband decides to make his own marmalade".  I would never consider making my own marmalade because I can't stand the stuff.  However I do love candied orange dipped in chocolate.  Perhaps I will suggest that to him next time.


  1. I love marmalade but I couldn't be a***ed to make my own. I would rather be sewing! Di x

  2. mmmmm candied orange peel - I love that! Marmalade, however, GAAAAACH!

  3. The myth of the homemade revolution.....

  4. Life's too short.

    Marmalade or quilting? I know which one I'd choose.

    Fiona x