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Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 Finish-a-Long

Oh boy.  Did ever I need the Finish-a-Long to carry on this year.  Hats off to Rhonda for hosting the fabulous 2012 FAL - which did wonders for my WIP last year - and an enormous thank you to Leanne for picking up the torch and carrying it into 2013!

she can quilt

I have been thinking long and hard about my list and here it is:

(1) Rouenneries Apple Crisp - I really am on the home straight for this now - it is back from Tracey who did a beautiful long arm custom quilting job on it.  Even my husband commented on the loveliness of Tracey's quilting - and don't forget this is the same quilt he unthinkingly threw his trousers onto last year.  This is just waiting for the binding.  Surely I can manage that?!
apple crisp evelyn sloppy quick cut quilt french general rouenneries courthouse steps

(2) Figgy's Zephyr Sundress in Nano Iro Little Letter - This will be a summer dress for my elder daughter and I have to get it finished by the time the weather gets nice and before she grows out of it!  I love this double gauze fabric, it is so lovely and floaty.  This is all cut and ready to go.

(3) Slouch bag in Spoonflower fabric - I love this pattern by Just Jude and I am hoping it will look quite funky in the Spoonflower fabric I ordered just before Christmas.  I have seen various versions on the interweb, like this one by Di @ Willowbeck Designs:
spoonflower purple vacuum tubes fabricslouch bag etsy just jude pattern

(4) Pervalong - I finally have all my foundation papers prepped and my fabric pressed and ready to go.  I can't wait to get this one underway.
pervalong kona solid PP paper pieced quilt

(5) Dolce quilt - blocks have been done since the beginning of October so quite why they are still in a box waiting to be made into a top is beyond me.  Must must must get this done in Q1.

I think this is probaby enough for Q1 - I must get this linked up to Leanne's FAL linky page now as it's half an hour to midnight on deadline day - a familiar feeling for me.

G x


  1. that should keep you busy! Still loving your perv colours :-D

  2. I love your perv colours too and the dolce quilt will be so pretty - good luck with your list!

  3. I've seen Di's bag in real life and it is gorgeous so good choice.

  4. Love your perv colours a beautiful combination. Looks like your going to be busy.

  5. You've got more than me on your list!! I'm easing myself gently into the year!!!
    Can't wait to see the sundress!

  6. Your list is really achievable so take heart. The Rouenneries is beautiful. Di x

  7. You have some gorgeous projects there Gertie, good luck with your finishes!

  8. Love the colours for the pervalong - what are they???