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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Back into the groove

Until today I had not sewed a single stitch since just before the Christmas Fair, so I was delighted when I negotiated an hour and a half sewing window today after my plans to go to the LMQG were scuppered by various (small) members of my family.

I decided to get started on a paperback book carryalong bag as seen on the cover of from this past issue of Mollie Makes:
mollie makes issue book journal cover

...using this London fabric from Echino:
echino london linen fabric

The pattern said it would fit an average sized paperback of up to 500 pages.  Mine, however, seems to have supersized itself as it comfortably fits my too-tall-for-the-regular-bookshelf monster 1300+ page copy of Les Miserables :
mollie makes journal cover echino london fabric

I do like the pattern so I have measured a normal paperback against my monster Victor Hugo and am going to adjust the pattern accordingly so that I can make one that fits the majority of my paperbacks.  Nevertheless I expect that this monster bookbag will its share of wear, as Les Mis is going to take me a while to read.
mollie makes journal cover echino london fabric

I am also obliged to post an update about the marmalade.  It turns out that my "ridiculous husband" is also a curious soul who occasionally reads my blog.  Oops.  Hello, dear!

Anyway, here is the marmalade boiling away at 222F on the final straight towards marmalade-dom:
home made marmalade cooking thermometer

And here it is all bottled up:
home made marmalade jars

I am not normally a fan of marmalade at all, but I was asked to try a bit of this particular batch on a piece of toast (possibly as punishment for ridiculing the whole process in my previous blog post).  I have to say, as marmalade goes, it is definitely much more palatable than some of the other brands I have tasted.  Compliments to the chef!

Although, dear husband, if you are reading this blog again - THIS is the kind of Marmalade I really like....
marmalade bonnie and camille FQ bundle fabric
.... yum yum x

Edited to add: linking to Heart of Charnwood's monthly book challenge - by happy coincidence this month's challenge is to make something book related!

Here's the linky button if you want to enter too:
Heart of Charnwood


  1. I like marmalade but the fabric type wins! Di x

  2. Hope the hint works Gertie! Definitely my favourite kind of marmalade too!

  3. I bought a marmalade scrap bag from Southern Fabric. Well worth it if you can't afford a whole fq pack. It's delicious, unlike the real stuff, blerggh. Is marmalade a British thing? My great grandmother was British (we're Australian) and she loved the stuff and made it for us all the time.

  4. Well, I missed you but I am glad you got some sewing done :-D

  5. Hoorah! The marmalade is done.

    bon appetit,

    Fiona x

  6. Ooh, I like the book tote - I may have to get a copy of Millie Makes for that. Home made jam & marmalade is so much nicer then shop bought stuff, try it again and I'm sure it'll become more then just palatable! I'm with you on the fabric, however;)

  7. Love that book bag! You were missed and does your hubby not know they sell Marmalade in the Supermarket? ;-)

  8. That is absolutely fabulous, and any project from a book (or magazine) counts, looks like you're in the draw for the free book, well done!! : )

  9. The marmalade looks delicious, but I agree with you about the other kind of marmalade is much better.

  10. So cute! Have you seen the movie (or are you waiting to finish the book?)

  11. Great book bag. Look forward to having a closer look next month!

  12. I just love that book cover, what a great idea. (I love reading too, it's hard to fit all my hobbies in my life!) And as for the Marmalade collection, it's just gorgeous isn't it. It's at the top of my wish list :-)