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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back to school

We are back to school and I am a happy camper!  My eldest daughter enjoys being busy so she is well-suited to school, and never happier than today when she has lost her first tooth and can proudly show everyone the gap.  I am relieved as this wobbly tooth had been hanging on for well over a month which meant daily lamentations of just when the Tooth Fairy would come and visit.  

The only thing I have to decide now is how much the Tooth Fairy leaves these days.  I remember getting a 20p for one of my teeth because the 20p was a new coin with a funny shape and so it had a novelty factor.  One of my friends said she left £2 for her daugher, but 10-fold inflation over 30 years seems a but much to me.

Today I have precisely 4 hours until I have to pick up the baby from nursery so I am going to keep this short and sweet and just post a picture of what I will be working on today:
The LMQG challenge for September is to finish a WIP.  This French General Apple Crisp WIP feels like it has been on my list for my whole life, and a couple of weeks ago I finished the last blocks - all 63 of them - so now I am ready to sew them together.  They are currently on the spare bed and my arms are not long enough to hold the camera high enough to fit them all on, but you get the picture.

I also need to work on my August Bee blocks (given that it is September, so I am late ... argh!) which are these scrappy Japanese plus & cross blocks - you can find the tutorial here at BadSkirt:
We have been given some lovely Oakshott cotton for the central cross, and then the rest is scrappy.

So, time to sew!

G x


  1. first tooth is 2 quid in this house, and a pound for the others. V impressed by you getting on with your wip!

  2. Once our tooth fairy got completely caught out... no change in her purse whatsoever. The fear of the waking recipient had our fairy so scared that she grabbed a fiver!!!!!!!!!!! yup you read that right - a fiver for one teensy tooth.

    I can't wait to see your apple crisp done and off your wip list.

    enjoy your *quiet time*

  3. The tooth fairy in our house completely forgot a couple of times, that was expensive!

  4. Our tooth fairy is very inconsistent, sometimes she leave £2 and sometimes HE leaves £4!! My boys are often hoping for the generous fairy!!! Our tooth fairy has also had some nights off, like bank holiday Monday!! luckily then came by the next night.

  5. It's £1 in this house - when I was a child I used to get 5p!

  6. I'd go for a pound....and the quilt is scrummy!!!!

  7. I wouldn't go a penny over a quid for the tooth ;-)

  8. Our tooth fairy is very inconsistent too! Especially since we sometimes have a 9 year old tooth fairy that comes when the 7 year old loses her teeth!

  9. The tooth fairy doesn´t come to the Netherlands, so I can´t help you with that. But I just wanted to congratulate you on the WIP, it´s lovely!

  10. Hi Gertie!

    I popped in from Nicole's blog and have been enjoying myself as I have read several of your delightful blog posts! I really loved your post about Nicole's blog. I've learned so much from her, too. I LOVE her scrappy red/while Snowball quilt. That's in my future, in some undecided pair of colors. I have the fabric stash!

    You mean to tell me you make all of the wonderful quilts while being Mum to little bitty children??? You must be WonderWoman! How on earth do you manage to do it all?

    When I have more time, I look forward to looking at the quilts you've made.

    Oh, on Nicole's blog, I'm Barbara Anne. Cheers!

  11. £2 for a tooth? Blimey, only for a 'big one at the back', surely?! I love your WIP, such fabulous colours, I hope you got lots done while the baby was at nursery!

  12. Hi Gertie! I came over from Nicole's blog! I love your WIP and the FG fabrics you chose! It will be a fantastic showpiece!

  13. Although UK based I have come via Nicole's blog! doesn't the internet shrink the world!
    What about an Olympic 50p from the tooth fairy?
    Chris x

  14. Hi Gertie - I have read Nicoles blog for years and she is lovely. That's how I found you and I'm glad I did - looking forward to seeing how you get on with your ufo's xxx