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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WIP Wednesday for once!

I very rarely get around to posting my WIP on a Wednesday, but today (more by chance than design) I am doing just that.

I only chose 3 items for my Q3 Finish-a-Long because I thought that sounded achievable.  I have already done #2 on my list - the Union Jack pillow - and I have been focusing most of my attention on #1 - my Apple Crisp quilt in French General fabric:

I am pleased to have got the quilt top all sewn up and pressed, so now I just need to add the borders.  Borders are definitely not my favourite part of quilt-making, but they are all cut and ready to pin so I should just get on and do it.

I have done a couple of hours on my Q3FAL item #3, namely my elder daughter's Dolce quilt, but still some way to go on this.  No new photo of this sadly, as it is all pinned and looks a bit too WIP-y even for WIP Wednesday.

I had also earmarked a couple of hand sewing projects to plug away at in the evenings.  I haven't worked on my hexagons for a while, but with the Autumn Term starting I started to feel the pressure to put some hours into my younger daughter's Christmas stocking:
As you can see, he doesn't have a head yet!  He will soon.  It took me a long time to get to this point because I had to re-do the stocking sleeve at the top.  In the kit, the name is on the back of a candy cane and so not immediately visible.  However, I wanted the name to be at the top to be in line my other daughter's stocking:
Anything to avoid a sibling squabble!

I am hoping to get some serious sewing done this week, as I have been a bit behind recently.  Unfortunately, I had to use this twice at the weekend:
as a result of both girls being sick on separate occasions.  And on separate carpets.  This cleaning product is one that I had used a grand total of zero times before I had children, but that I have used countless times since having them.  And it really does work.

Right - back to my borders!  Or maybe a cup of tea first .....


  1. at the very least the kids could have coordinated their vomiting locations. That's just poor planning ;-)
    Love the snowman - you are v efficient!

  2. Well done with the quilt top, looks wonderful. Good luck with the borders!
    Very cute stockings, even headless one!

  3. yay for getting to the borders and boo for the sick! If it makes you feel better, I had to use the very same stuff on my stairs after kidlet projectiled on it Sunday :(

  4. Hi Gertie! Just popped over the pond, so to speak, to see your blog after reading Nicole's post. Her blog is one of my favorites. . . or should I say favourites. I like your style!

  5. Your Apple Crisp quilt is gorgeous! Well done!!

  6. Your Apple Crisp quilt looks lovely, I really like that fabric line. Love your Christmas stocking too.

  7. Thank you for the kind comments everybody! xxx

  8. What's with all the sick kids - mine were puking too! You have been very productive though, top marks!