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Monday, 17 September 2012

Cog & Wheel Pattern

I love the new Chicopee fabric line ... mmm oh so lovely ...

... but before I impulsively buy more fabric, I always make sure I have a project in mind.  If I don't have a project for it, I usually try to suppress my fabric-buying tendencies.  However, whilst on Denyse Schmidt's fabulous website, what should I see but this:

The perfect pattern for Chicopee .... oh!  LOVE IT.  Not even the curved piecing can dissuade me.

Then I looked around for the pattern on t'internet.  I couldn't find it anywhere in the UK for love nor money.  So then I started looking at US sites.

One US site declared that it could happily ship this pattern to me and that the shipping charge would only be a trifling $37.  THIRTY SEVEN DOLLARS?  Not including the pattern.  I think not.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, and to spare you the extended melodrama of me huffing and puffing at my computer screen, I decided the most cost effective seller was in fact Denyse herself with only $5 shipping charge.  So I am going to order this baby today and hope that my husband decides that £12 on his credit card bill isn't worth grumbling about.

Now I'm off to get some borders onto my Apple Crisp now before the morning is completely gone.  I have spent most of this morning so far chasing up party invitations for daughter #1, mainly because of party bag filler (aka tat) purchasing.  Most party bag tat comes in sets of 6, and with 18 confirmed partygoers, this is highly convenient.  However I am still waiting for 2 non-replies which, if they end up being affirmative, could completely stuff up my party bag plan.
Photo courtesy of Little Treasures Party Bags

I'm sure I didn't spend 17 years in education to worry about this kind of nonsense.

G x


  1. aieeeee! don't order it if you haven't already - I have a copy you can borrow!!!!

  2. I was about to suggest that Denyse's biggest fan (stalker) would have a copy ;-)

    1. I'm insulted.
      Oh wait, no I'm not ;-)

  3. Ah.. glad that I am beyond all that party tat! I like your plan for the quilt. Di x

  4. I really like the look of that quilt and that pile of Chicopee does look so tempting, I've avoided curves as I'm a complete wuss!
    Good luck with the party bag supplies, I hate it when parents don't get back to you till the last minute!

  5. I was a bit meh about chicopee but it's totally growing on me! Good luck with the party x

  6. Don't you hate it when suppliers try to rip you off with postage? Like your plans for that fabric. I am impressed with your resolve too, from a woman who buys fabric when she sees it and then works out what to do with it :)