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Friday, 21 September 2012

How you know when your spouse does not share your love of quilting

On Wednesday I finished my Apple Crisp quilt top.  Yay!  I started it in January 2010, so it was one of those projects that went from being a lovely treat to a bit of a millstone around my neck.  I am not fond of borders, so when I sewed on the final 2 borders in under an hour, I felt a bit of a wally for always avoiding them.

It happens that Wednesday was a very bright day, so when I laid my quilt out on the spare bed to take a picture, it was bisected by a large trapezium of sunlight from the window which made it look silly.  By the time the sun went away, it was a bit too dark to photograph.  So I thought I would wait until the next bright-but-not-too-bright morning.

This morning I remembered that I still needed to take a picture of the quilt with its borders, and bounded upstairs with my camera.  Only to be met with this:
My husband's suit trousers, carelessly tossed over my lovely new quilt like a sack of spuds.  The Philistine!

In retaliation, I carelessly tossed the trousers onto the chest of drawers so that I could take a photo of the quilt unadorned by discarded clothing.  Unfortunately I forgot to straighten it out first, so on the bottom left you may spy the rumple left by my husband's pants:
This quilt is too big to photograph in one piece - or rather my arms are too short to hold the camera high enough - but you get the picture.  The fussy cut outer border that I had been so worried about actually worked out well.  I just needed to add a couple of inches to each end of 2 of the sides, and then it all lined up.

In other news, I finally finished my August Bumble Bee blocks!  They are Japanese Cross and Plus blocks and they go together surprisingly quickly.  The centre plus in each block is an Oakshott cotton - the rich colours in Oakshotts are really quite striking, especially when you see them against other fabrics.
These blocks are winging their way to Sue (or have wung their way, if Royal Mail can actually deliver First Class post on the timetable they are supposed to).  I am looking forward to seeing Sue's finished quilt - I don't think she has a blog so I will look out for it on the Bee group.

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  1. Beautiful Apple Crisp quilt. How dare anyone carelessly leave something on it! You have done such a good job to finish Apple Crisp. Di x

  2. what a fab quilt! Husbands, eh! Disgraceful lack of appreciation and respect ;-)

  3. Loved your post title, I am sure we could all come up with lots of answers to that question! Your quilt looks wonderful, congratulations.

  4. I absolutely love apple's just gorgeous!!

  5. fabulous quilt, lisa, even with trouser indents! And Sue's blocks are lovely (must do mine!)

  6. How very dare he!!!! Love the quilt and your blocks look great x

  7. I got my Apple Crisp quilt back from the quilter a couple of months ago and it still needs to be trimmed down and have its binding sewn on. Thanks for the reminder! I need to start using that quilt. Love yours.