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Monday, 25 June 2012

Another June finish ... don't get used to it

Well this certainly doesn't happen often - 2 quilt finishes in the same month?  Goodness me.  This is a simple pinwheels quilt made from 2 charm packs from Fig Tree's lovely line Breakfast At Tiffany's:

I made it for my eldest daughter's teacher who is possibly the most lovely teacher in the land.  We will miss her when we move to the next class up *sniff*.  Here's a close up so you can see the quilting - it is an all-over pattern by my trusty long-armer:

I actually finished it a couple of days before the Lily & Will quilt but I thought I would wait for a nice sunny day before photographing it - the Lily & Will photo was dismal because of the poor light, but as it was going off in the post the following day, it had to suffice.

It does seem that I am blogging about my quilts backwards - my most recent finishes first and slowly going backwards in the vein of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  I'm sure this alone is sufficient justification for a (gratuitous) picture of Mr Pitt:

I am quietly relieved that I have a (small) backlog of quilts to blog about to cover when my sewing output is too embarrassing to mention.  However I have just joined an online Bee and so I will have a stitchy deadline to meet every month which should keep me on my toes.  Kelly is our first Bee-er (Bee-ette?  Bee lady?  I am not sure of the terminology) and so I am looking forward to receiving some of these colourful goodies in the post to make into blocks with circles:

Watch this space!

Gertie xxx


  1. Wow! You made your daughter's teacher a QUILT!!!! Things have cleary moved on since the days of a box of chocs or some bath salts!!

  2. Hi Gertie! Lovely quilt. I'm visiting from the blog hop at Plum and June!

  3. Oh, is that a pic of your hubby? Very nice! And lovely quilt as well!