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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kokka past

As you may have read from my post last week, I totally love Melody Miller's super duper fabric, especially this retro beauty from Ruby Star Rising which I hope to make into a funky bag:

Now when I looked at the selvedge, I noticed that Melody's fabric is manufactured by the Japanese firm Kokka.  This rang a bell.  Where had I heard of Kokka before?  Being a terminally curious soul, I started rummaging through my fabric cupboard.

(Aside 1: it is never a good sign if you have to physically check the contents of a cupboard to know what is in your stash.  Either it means you have too much fabric, or you are very forgetful.  Neither is good.)

Then I found this:

...which I vaguely remember buying at the Festival of Quilts 2009.  I can't remember which stall had it but I saw it and thought it would make a lovely little girl's dress.  However, being at FOQ, I could only point at the fabric (whilst being jostled and squashed by the thousands of other excited fabric addicts) and when I got it home I found that it was a heavier weight of fabric and wouldn't work for a dress.

Conversely, I bought the Viewfinders fabric specifically because I wanted a heavier weight fabric so that I could make a bag, so I am thinking that maybe this bonkers cat fabric could make a bag too.  But I'm not too sure.  I am so surprised at finding it that I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it.  Although take a closer look at the selvedge - has there ever been a groovier selvedge?

(Aside 2:  being a bit of an admin fascist, I do have an official log of my stash at the back of my project book which I use partly to keep me on track with projects and partly to curb my fabric habit.  The fact that this fabric is missing from my log might indicate that I am more in denial than I previously suspected.)

I have about 2 metres of this stuff.  Ideas for projects (or therapy) welcome!

Gertie xxx


  1. Now that is a challenge... Yes a bag would work or what about some nesting boxes (Zakka style) with the cat going around the base of the boxes? I'm sure that others will have better ideas. Di x

  2. Btw.. You have an inventory of your fabric stock? That is scary! Di x

  3. I suspect you may still have a way to go before you hit the level of the real professionals on stash denial!!!