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Saturday, 9 June 2012

FQR Day 2 Part 1b

Fat Quarterly
Apologies if you are waiting for the Frame Purses.  I will get there, really I will.  But I have been working away at my Union Jack from Lynne's class so I thought I would show you where I am up to:

Fabric is Flurry by Kate Spain.

It is far from perfect but I got a bit carried away and really wanted to get it to the stage where it looked like a flag.  My top / bottom alignment is out by 1/8th of an inch - I did follow Lynne's advice to do long stitches and make sure it was lined up first but foolishly I was trying to make sure the diamonds in the print lined up so I didn't accurately check the overall seams (doh) - again, one of those things where if I did it again, I would measure with a ruler instead of relying on my "oh it looks fine" technique that allows me to rush on.

I am halfway through putting some white sashing on the sides and then I will put another border on and make it into a cushion.  Hadley has already done her funky floral version if you want to check out her post here.

This project has demonstrated to me that I do enjoy paper piecing, and that it does not just have to be hand piecing (I don't know why I always assumed that paper piecing meant hand work - probably because of hexagons), so I will look out for more paper pieced projects in future I think.  I had a nosey around the Paper Pieces website for a bit of inspiration.

Today in the Telegraph was a list of "50 signs you are a grown-up".  I scanned down it hoping to find something that I don't do to prove that I am still carefree and young at heart.  Sadly, I could only come to the conclusion that I am indeed quite old:

1.Having a mortgage
2.Mum and dad no longer make your financial decisions
3.Paying into a pension
4.Conducting a weekly food shop
5.Written a will
6.Having children
7.Budgeting every month
8.Being able to cook an evening meal from scratch
9.Getting married
10.Having life insurance
12.Having a savings account
13.Knowing what terms like 'ISA' and 'tracker' mean
14.Watching the news
15.Owning a lawn mower
16.Doing your own washing
17.Taking trips to the local tip
18.Planting flowers
19.Being able to bleed a radiator
20.Having a joint bank account
21.Having a view on politics
22.Keeping track of interest rates
23.Finding a messy house annoying
24.Being able to change a light bulb
25.Owning a vacuum cleaner
26.Holding dinner parties
27.Listening to Radio 2
28.Enjoying gardening
29.Spending weekend just 'pottering'
30.Mum starts asking you for advice
31.Carrying spare shopping bags just in case
32.Like going round garden centres
33.Wearing coats on a night out
34.Going to bed before 11pm
35.Making sure mum and dad are phoned at least once a week
36.Classing work as a career rather than a job
37.Repairing torn clothing rather than throwing it away
38.You iron
39.You wash up immediately after eating
40.Enjoy cooking
41.Buying a Sunday paper
42.Always going out with a sensible pair of shoes
43.You like receiving gift vouchers
44.Work keeps you awake at night
45.Filing post
46.Having a 'best' crockery set
47.Being able to change a car tyre
48.Being sensible enough to remove make up off before bedtime
49.Being able to follow a receipt
50.Owning 'best towels' as well as 'everyday towels'

I assume that number 19 - "Being able to bleed a radiator" - includes "Being able to tell your husband that he has to bleed a radiator".  I have, however, changed a car tyre by myself by the side of the motorway, so I am not entirely useless.

Also I very,very rarely iron (unless it is to press seams).  Unfortunately I think that just means I am a lazy grown-up rather than implying that I am young and exciting.   To be honest I think this list was meant for the 20-somethings ; perhaps I should be consulting a whole other list to ascertain my speed of descent into middle age.

Gertie xxx


  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! it looks great - don't know what you're on about with the alignment!

  2. Thanks Lynne! I think it is one of those things that if you know where you made a mistake then you see it magnified 20 times. I am hoping that when it is made up into a pillow I just won't see it any more.

    PS I was surprised at how big it is all made up - nice & chunky!

  3. I don't listen to Radio 2 - does that mean I'm still young? Mind you I do listen to radio 4, which presumably puts me in an even older's all downhill from here I guess......

  4. I don't listen to Radio 2 unless we are in the car travelling up North so both kids are asleep and we can have a break from 'The Wheels on the Bus'!

  5. Looks good to me. The colours work well too. Di x