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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fat Quarterly Retreat London 2012 - Day 1

Well that worked!  Onwards and upwards.

The reason I have started a blog is that I am just back from the fantastic Fat Quarterly Retreat in London and it seems that I am the only person in the known universe not to have a blog.  Conversely, I read a lot of blogs, and so I felt like I 'knew' lots of people in the room but clearly none of them had any clue as to who I was.  Not that that is necessarily a bad thing!  But it is a nice thing to share what we do, and the proof of this pudding, I felt, was this magnificent quilt:

which was made by a group for a very nice lady within that group (stood far left) who was unlucky enough to be diagnosed with cancer but who was lucky enough to have this fabulous group of talented ladies to make her this wonderful quilt to help her through the tough times.

Now for a couple of shots of the classes I took - first up, Paper Piecing with Tasha Bruecher:

 ... and here are my little stacks of hexagons in Rouenneries Deux to prove it:

... followed by Embroidery with the fabulous Aneela Hoey:

... and here is my cute little robin embroidery which you might recognise from Aneela's upcoming Cherry Christmas range:

And that was just the first day!  More to follow...

Gertie xxx

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