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Monday, 18 June 2012

Crafty output slowdown

I have had one of those weeks where we have had lots of nonsense like children's parties and messed-up naptimes leading to late bedtimes, so my sewing output has dropped off a cliff.  The little bit of sewing I have done - hand sewing hexagons in front of the telly - whilst enjoyable and relaxing for me, would be quite dull to photograph.  One stack of hexagons is very much like another, so maybe look at this photo from the other week:

and imagine a few more stacks, very similar.  Yawn.

The reason I have been continuing with hexagons instead of starting to join them together is that I have been trying to think of something innovative to do with them.  Each time I laid them out I kept ending up back at a classic Grandmother's Garden.  However then I chanced upon this lovely piece of work:

from Quiltville - I am going to get my crayons out to see if mine could look as good as this in the Rouenneries colourway.  I think at this point it was just a WIP by Bonnie so I would love to see how it is finished.

As an aside, I sat hand sewing my hexagons in front of Series 2 of Episodes on Sky+ - it does make us chuckle.  The fight between the characters Matt and Sean at the end of Series 1 was the funniest TV fight I think I have seen.

Photo courtesy of SHO

Gertie xxx


  1. I only do EPP in fits and starts and never for long. I wish you luck on this one and hope that you have more backbone than me!!!! Di x

  2. OOh that could look really great! I remember reading Bonnie's blog and admiring it ages ago - it could turn into your life's work!!

  3. I've just found you blog :) I think your hexagons are lovely and will be fantastic if you could make a star like shape like that beautiful quilt!