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Thursday, 7 June 2012

We interrupt this broadcast...

Yes, yes.  I said I would post FQR Day 2 Part 2 next.  However, it is not often that I finish a quilt, and today is one of those very rare days, so I thought I would share.

This quilt is for my new little niece - it is approx 45" x 45" so I think perfect playmat size:

Sorry about the poor light - I had hoped it would be nice & sunny today but it has been rainy & dismal.  It is off to its new owner tomorrow so this will have to do.

You might notice the 3 small dark squares in a row in Row 4 - I didn't notice this until after I joined the blocks up.  I was so busy trying to make sure there were no prints the same in the surrounding squares that I forgot to check the middles of the blocks.  I so wish I could rotate that middle one.  Never mind.

For the pattern, I used Melissa Corry's very useful & clear tutorial on Moda Bake Shop - I didn't do the pieced border as I worked out that I could use half a Layer Cake for this quilt and then save the other half for another quilt the same size. 

Gertie xxx

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