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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Crazy birds

A little OT I know but we have had this happen 2 years in a row now - crazy garden birds.

Last year we had a blue tit who would come and fly up to the French window and try any which way to get in.  Fluttering around the handle and pecking at it occasionally.  He did this for a couple of weeks before he either got bored or died of malnutrition for spending too long on our door handle and not enough time foraging.

Then this week, we have had a crazy chaffinch.  He looks quite young, and pecked at 3 of our windows at the back off and on, but then settled on the side window.  I'm not sure if the photo will show it properly because I took it with my phone, but this is the mess he has made with his infernal pecking (see especially at the bottom - all of those vertical marks are peck marks):

Any ideas?  Will he just get bored and go away?  I wondered if it was that he could see his reflection, so I put the blind down, but he still carried on because I could hear him tapping.  I hope he stops soon as I daren't open the window in case he comes in!

Apologies for the random nature of this post - hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

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